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Horrible Harry

This funny, easy-reader series is about friends, school adventures, and a creative boy named Harry. He is a devilish second grader who plays pranks and gets into mischief but can still end up a good friend. One day Harry shows his pet garter snake to Song Lee and makes her scream, later, his trick to make scary people out of pencil stubs backfires when no one is scared. By Suzy Kline. 60 pages. Includes: Horrible Harry in Room 2B, Horrible Harry and the Green Slime, Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion, Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise, Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding, Horrible Harry and the Dungeon, Horrible Harry and the Purple People, Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon, Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade, Horrible Harry's Secret. Reading Level 1.6-2.6. Interest Level 1-3.

WB-385999 Horrible Harry 10 Pack Assortment $49.90

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